homepicAquavita mineral water is a high quality proudly Zambian mineral water brand, a product of Carribea Beverages Limited (CBL) of Ndola Zambia.

The importance of water cannot be over-emphasised; all forms of life (human, animal and plant) cannot do without it. The importance of clean and safe water is even more crucial for human beings, not just any water would suffice.

Carribea Beverages Limited was setup solely for this purpose: to supply clean and safe mineral water under the trade name aquavita. Since its inception in 1999, Aquavita Mineral Water has seen a steady and remarkable growth in the market. As of today, the brand can claim to be the market leader.

A vigorous and elaborate processing and bottling system, unlike many suppliers today, has ensured that the company has a good grip on the market.

The corporate world has enjoyed the dispenser service because of its convenience and competitive price.

Currently, aquavita has a widest distribution that covers all major towns, most provincial headquarters as well as other towns like Solwezi.

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